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megwrites ([personal profile] megwrites) wrote2009-08-26 01:53 pm

Pre-query checklist

So, I think I've done what needs to be done before I fire off the query canon and hope something comes back to me that isn't a rejection. The list is mostly for my own use, but if anyone sees any steps I've left out, please let me know.

- Researched agent names? Check.

- Researched agent guidelines? Check.

- Gone over manuscript with fine tooth comb? Check.

- Revised query? Check.

- Revised query again? Check.

- Revised query a third time? Check.

- Asked for and received excellent query help from f-list? Check.

- Learned that my f-list is full of awesome people? Double check.

- Done a last check to make sure that the agent names and salutations are correct in the letters? Check.

- Prepared samples asked for by agents in their guidelines in requested formats? Check.

- Sent letters? Still pending.

I'm going to give myself until Thursday to go through the checklist yet again (you can't ever be too careful) and then I'm going to send them out and get back to work on my current project.