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I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's a list anywhere of new SF/F releases by POC authors. I know there was a list of SF/F short stories by POC each month (and if someone could find that link for me, I would owe them my first born cat) - but is there anything for novel length releases?

If not, is there a list anywhere of major new SF/F releases that I could pick through to find the POC authors? Because I wouldn't mind reporting what I find, I just need to know where that information is. For that matter, is there any place that announces new releases and/or new sales in the genre?

And yes, I'm well aware of [ profile] 50books_poc and such places, but they aren't focused by date or genre, and those are the two things I'm interested in right now. I wish there was a genre specific version of that community. If there is, someone please let me know.
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