Apr. 3rd, 2012

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Talk about your two-fers. So not only was I sick and dealing with clueless people in comments, but I found out last night that my great-grandfather passed away.

So now I have to get on a plane tomorrow, go through the world's most nonsensical layover so I can attend his funeral and be there for my mother.

I'll be writing the NaPoWriMo poems, but they may not get posted and comments may not get modded or responded to until next week. Sorry.
megwrites: Reading girl by Renoir.  (green hills)
The Wolves That Live Inside - A Series of Canine Haikus
By: Meg freeman


Smelled of you, I chewed
Felt good ripping in my mouth
I love with teeth

Smelled of food, I opened
Entire feast in this big bucket!
How convenient.


I hide from others
when I am going potty
but not you, you're safe

Eep! This place scares me.
On metal table. Okay. I'll stay still.
Because you say so.

We're in the car now.
Where are we going? I don't know.
But you'll be there, too.

You give food freely
And you don't even growl
When I eat it. Why?

If it were my food
It would be so hard to share
I would protect it

This giving of food
Makes you magical to me
How do you do it?

You were gone forever
was it just five minutes?
time stops without you

Rumble outside. Bark!
You must be informed about it
I will scare it for you

Had to mark carpet
if I don't how will anyone know
that this home is mine?

No bath! I smell fine
Your nose must be defective.
Stupid bubble water

I don't understand
The pillow is soft and warm
Why not chew on it?


What are you saying?
Maybe if I tilt my head?
Nope. Still makes no sense.

Head tilts the other way
This angle isn't any better
Why are you laughing?

My name is No! No! No!
But you only say it angry.
What's "Coraline" mean?

Nose to butt, you scream
What for? I was just smelling
For what's new with you


I killed it myself
Look! It's insides are everywhere
Ducks are very fluffy

I sleep with this pelt
Because it's mine, I killed it.
I dream like a wolf.


Here. You lost this ball.
What are you doing human?
You threw it again!

Those dogs enjoy it.
I doubt their intelligence
Now, let's play some tug.

Yay! You try to take toy
I try to take it back from you
This is much more fun.

Tail monster appears
Grr! I got it! Oh. Nevermind.
Just my butt appendage


Hello new dog friend
I will let you sniff my butt!
Can I lick your face?

Slow down! Lots of trees
Lots of pee mail to catch up on.
Smells like Bella got spayed.

Tag, you're it! Chase me!
Run run right to my human
Her legs are home base.


That's all you wanted?
Sit? Why didn't you say so?
Butt on floor, easy.

Oh. I did good. Click.
You say "Touch!". Put nose to hand.
I'd do that anyway.

Stay? Okay. Click. Treat. Yay!
At last you speak fluent Dog.
Now you yell much less.

I see the treat bag!
You don't have to even ask me
Butt already on floor.

Ignore the flying bird
You don't want me to chase it
See? I'm a good dog!

What? No treat for that?
I did real good! Did you see?
I didn't chew shoes!

Didn't you see it?
No shoe chewing! I left it!
So why no "good girl!"?


You let me on bed
Twirl three times, rest beside you
Ah, yes, belly rubs.

Sometimes I dream
A small bad-smelly scary place.
I wake. Yay! Home again!

Good morning, human!
Huh? What does "ah! cold nose!" mean?
Yay! You love me! Lick.

(c) Meg Freeman.

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