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Best thing I've heard all week is this: The Bone Harp Sings Nine Moods by Shweta Narayan ([ profile] shweta_narayan). It is completely awesome and wonderful and whirling and wild and wicked and well, lots of other words that begin with "w" or perhaps "m" for magnificent and melodious and marvelous, like the audio version that is right here, complete with Sangeetha Ayyar 's incredible, radiant voice.

I totally saved this to my computer so I can listen to it on repeat. It's an amazing piece of art and music and poetry and just...I'm out of words, I really am. It's just so beautiful. This is what poetry should be According to Meg. *breathes deeply, sighs happily*. I would so do anything to have poetic skills like this, really. But it's more than enough that I get to enjoy such genius.

There should be more awesome stuff like this in the world. Truly there should.
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