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Does anyone out there use writing software of any kind? Do you find it helpful or convenient or not?

If you don't use software, what kinds of methods do you use to keep track of things in the planning/outline stages (character sketches or random ideas or worldbuilding tidbits that pop in your head) or as you're writing, in whatever way or sequence you do that?

I'm wondering because I'm contemplating whether some kind of software will help my organizational skills as far as plotting and other behind-the-scenes things when writing. It's occurred to me that one of my problems is that I'm terribly disorganized and that sometimes makes writing and later editing a little bit more difficult. Also, being able to get an overall, organizational view of what I write might help me create a story that reads better, and that's sort of the point. Telling the best story in the best way possible.

I'm usually of the school of thought that when it comes down to it, writing shouldn't involve a lot of props or extra features, that it's basically about a person, some words, and the medium in which those words exist (electronically, pen and paper, etc).

But at the same time, I'm also of the school of thought that great stories aren't just dropped onto the page perfectly formed, and that the best ones are the result of a lot of planning, effort, and revising.

So, anyone?

ETA: For clarity's sake, I should mention I am using Mac, not PC! Sorry, forgot that that might be important.
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