Aug. 30th, 2009

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The query score on Agent Hunt Round 2 stands as follows (as of 1100 hours today):

Rejections - 1, Requests - 0, Offers - 0, Still Pending - 7

The rejection came the same day I sent off the queries. But it was from an agent who I wasn't holding my breath for. It was one of those "might as well" type queries. The four top agents on the list have not responded. Thus, my inbox is filled with the melodious sounds of crickets chirping.

It's the weekend, so I'm not surprised. I figure agents have those little things called "personal lives" that they're attending to - as well they should. I don't write 24/7, I don't expect them to agent 24/7, either.

My hope is that it will mean they are well rested and in a generous mood when reading queries on Monday.
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[ profile] fashionista_35 has some very interesting things to say about writing "the book of your heart" as opposed to just writing "what sells" and self-censorship.

I have to confess that I agree with the principle, but I sort of hate the phrase. I agree that you can't just write something on the sole basis that it'll sell.

I have so much 'but' face beneath this cut. Reasons why I like the principle but hate the phrase. )

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