Apr. 14th, 2012

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"Failing English"
By: Meg Freeman

Fuck English
and it's barely functional
syntax and it's
shitty vocabulary

Fuck making anyone learn
this scumbag of a

English fails.

For instance?

There is no word
for the color of a pitch
perfect blue sky
over a lawn of still
frosted grass lit by crisp
mid morning
autumn sunlight
as seen through
scratchy dusty school
building windows

but there is no mistaking
such a color when it
is seen.

Nor does my only tongue
give me any
start on how to
properly convey in
less than an essay
the exact scent
of my mother's clothes
and her coat
when put around me
fragranced with
make up and perfume
and a little sweat and her
warm dark hair
and her curvy, pillar-of-the-world
body and
the cigarettes she
smoked and our house
and the dog and cat
and of nothing so much as mother
Put me in a room
of shirts and coats
and jackets and but let
me sniff at the collar
I'll tell you which one is hers

There is no word for the
ache when you think of these things
It is not precisely
the stretch of tendons
or the squeeze of breathlessness
or a heartbeat happening too hard
It is something that vibrates
on all your wavelengths
when you are knocked out
of oblivious continuum
and know with absolute clarity
that you lost all this time
even when it still feels like you're holding
it in your hand right then
It is still happening to you and it is gone.

These are the realest things in
the world and they remain unnamed.

Fuck English.

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