Jun. 23rd, 2012

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You thought I forgot didn't you?


The next three chapters of The City of the Hand are live! They're up and ready to read either here at Dreamwidth ([personal profile] cityofthehand) or over at the LJ mirror of the novel ([livejournal.com profile] cityofthehand)!

We're getting very, very close to the end now. This is the second to last update. Next week (probably on Friday) will be the final three chapters and then on July 1st I'll have the entire ebook file (in PDF, MOBI and EPUB formats, god willing) ready for people to download if they like.

Also, if anyone was thinking or considering about putting into the tip jar, please do. Money's gotten a little tight with a few medical bills and also Ye Old Car becoming very ye and very old and at the end of it's lifespan a few extra dollars would be really welcome right about now. Again, it's not as urgent as some folks who need money, but if you had any hankering to put any little bit into the tip jar, now would be a real great time to do that.

It comes with benefits! If you want to get the complete ebook file (in format of your choice) before July, any amount of money will do.

If you donate $25 or more, you get a short story, essay, poem, or other creative work from me. So if you like certain characters, want to revisit certain places, or just want to know some stuff that isn't in the story, put your cash in the tip jar and request away. How many times do you get to tell the author what you want to have written? I'll even try to draw the characters if you like. I make no promises about the quality of the resulting art, however.

Even if you don't have or just don't feel like putting money in (understandable), if you liked the novel even a little, tell a friend! Share a link! Write a review! I'd love to see anyone's honest, over all opinion. And I always welcome criticism, critique, and comments.

So I hope you've enjoyed taking this little journey in free fiction with me, and I hope most of all that you're enjoying this story. If nothing else, let it inspire you to know that if someone like me can write a whole damn book, you certainly can.

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