Jul. 29th, 2012

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[Image Description: A cute golden lab puppy wearing safety goggles behind a lab table with various beakers, test tubes, and scientific equipment on it looking as if it's pouring something into a coffee mug with the caption: "I have no idea what I'm doing."]

But on the plus side, I've discovered there's more stuff in the "View" tab than just zooming in or out on a webpage. Nope, there's entire secret shit that lets you see CSS and stuff. Of course, I'm about as competent as the puppy you see above you would be at sequencing DNA. But still.

At least I'm at the lab table and wearing safety goggles.

Is there any place anyone knows of where I can look up terms, definitions, and basics? I can fiddle with CSS in the "I know enough to be dangerous" kind of way, but I'm far short of being able to do what I want to do. Which is just changing the fucking colors on the sidebar.

I'm not trying to rearrange every single part of the layout. I just want pretty colors. I just want rainbows and pink and prettiness. I'm not asking for a unicorn pegasus pony to magically materialize in my living room. (Though if there is a way to make this happen with CSS for fuck's sake somebody tell me about it).
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Mental health and frustration levels mean that I'm giving up on redoing my layout. Luckily, I just found another one that I can live with for a while.

New layout thanks to [community profile] pastries as seen here. Color modifications made by me.

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