Sep. 12th, 2012

megwrites: A pair of brown glasses on a worn wooden table with a shadowed white wall in the background. (glasses)
I don't have a lot of content to post right now. Because of mental health issues, which are actually improving but took a sharp dive last Friday. Short story: I had to be in the psychiatric ER again because I wasn't safe. But, new meds and some more coping strategies may be helping. It's early days.

But let's forget all that depressing (and rather boring) shit for a moment. Let's talk about how I have a dog who guards my books for me

A very literary dog if ever there was one. Also, you'll see why she still gets snuggles even when she occasionally likes to show that she has good taste in literature in the sense of ERMAHGERD I LIKE TO TASTE UR LITURATURUH. )

So, there you go. Dog pictures. Isn't that way better than hearing about my boring old broken brain and stuff?

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