Oct. 13th, 2012

megwrites: A moon rising above a darkened landscape in front of a starry night sky. (moonrise)
Day 13: Write a short poem that a child would like.

As you grow up you will find
The time will fly within your mind
You'll be quite small at first, you see
But only just temporarily

At first you'll tie shoes after you put on socks
Next thing you know you'll leave the toy box
In a dusty corner for the next new thing
Like the key to a car on a car's keyring

Then school will be done, no homework now
You'll go into the world and you'll wonder how
To get along, to get all the things that you need
For there will be love to love and mouths to feed

And then all your time, well it really will race
The years will pace on at faster-than-light pace
But still though you may have grown oh-so-gray
You'll remember it all like yesterday

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