Oct. 15th, 2012

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Day 15 Post a poem by someone else that you love

by Alice Fulton
From Felt

The kings are boring, forever
legislating where the sparkles
in their crowns will be. Regal is easy.
That's why I wear a sinking fragrance
and fall to pieces in plain sight.
I'll do no crying in the rain.
I'll be altruistic, let others relish the spectacle --

as one subject to seizures of perfection
and fragments of success,
who planned to be an all-girl god,
arrives at a flawed foundering,
deposed and covered with the dung
and starspit of what-is,
helpless, stupid, gauche, ouch --

I'll give up walking on water.
I'll make a splash.
Onlookers don't want miracles.
Failure is glamorous.
The crash course needs its crash.

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