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I’ve now posted the next three chapters of City of the Hand on Dreamwidth ([personal profile] cityofthehand) and Livejournal ([ profile] cityofthehand!

It’s up to chapter twenty-one and just a mere THREE weeks away from the conclusion. So if you haven’t got to catch up, now's a great time.

Not to mention that anyone who donates any amount of money (any!) in the tipjar gets the complete ebook file upon request!

And if you donate more than $25, you get a short story, poem, essay or other written work. Want to know more about a character or revisit a place in the world you just couldn’t get enough of? Want some history about the City of the Hand? Just chip in and make your request!

I hope you’ve been enjoying reading thus far and I hope you’ll keep reading! Thanks so much to all those who have followed, given feedback, donated to the tip jar, and supported me. I love you all!
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