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Day 14: Write a bad poem; make it as lousy as you can, do everything wrong. Let yourself be awful.

Sometimes you burst up hot like fire
and then you really raise my ire
I'd call you a bastard and a liar
I'd like to put my heart on a funeral pyre
Even though you're not my mom or sire
I love you even when it's dire
I love you even when I really tire
and it feels like my body is wrapped in wire
And my heart cries "ceasefire"
I don't know what next will transpire

Then you continue cold as ice
and I don't know whether to roll the dice
I don't know how to I should entice
I don't know whether I suffice
Or where I should go to get advice
On how you've broken my heart twice
No more than that, thrice and thrice
My pulled stitched heart turns hard like gneiss
For trying to be so sweet and nice
For trying to endure your cruel vice
Alas, I don't know your asking price

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