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Day 28: Visit a virtual museum gallery and take a look around until you find an object that intrigues you. Write a poem inspired by the artwork.

The Venus of Willendorf

I sometimes feel that I was born too early
or far too late in time
because I see the image of myself
called a Venus, and cut from stone and
in the shape of a body like mine, a
body wide and exuberant in it's space taking, a
body that strides the x and y axis
with joy, that spills flesh over all
the supposedly more pleasing
lines that other artists have drawn around my body
until they've shaved my "supposed to"
into a whittled stick

I see this object that must have taken
so long to make roundness
out of the hard and square stones
and I think, still a goddess is a goddess
Whether anyone continues to worship her
or not. Venus remains Venus
even if the temple is gone and the fires gone out.

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