Date: 2012-11-16 03:14 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ithiliana
Yes, yes, a million times yes, from a creative writing teacher, somebody who has produced and seen the ton of bad writing that everybody does at the start. I HATE this sort of thing--from the Mary Sue mocking communities I remember hearing about back in the day, to similar things in other fandom(s), often by people who couldn't do any better and don't even realize it (if they can and could do better, then they shouldn't be wasting their time like this).

It's hard to do constructive criticism (and sometimes, I vent privately to a friend or even in a locked post about teh horror that I see in my students' writing--and the fact that I deal with students' writing all the time and do, really, try to be constructive (while knowing I can and do fail), makes me less inclined to want to do, or see, this sort of shit on the internet. I feel the same way about some of the other mocking efforts (posting pictures of people going into Wal-Mart and mocking their appearance being a big one).

(Now, I admit I love Manboobz which posts misogynistic crap from MRAs and others and mocks them--and actually the bad troll writing often helps me be a lot kinder to my students' writing beause, whoa, their stuff is better than that).

Sturgeon's law.

And yes, if you want to publicly mock bad writing, go after the crap that gets published (or spewed out by politicians), i.e. hit UP, not down.
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