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I'm working at the break neckingest pace I can on the last go of the Tower!Guy story. The revisions are about half done. They're taking longer than I thought because I'm having to really pay attention to detail and organization.

Also, I'm doing that thing where I go line by line and cut out the stylistic excesses I'm prone to. I ask myself "do I really need this word here?". My biggest problem is saying such things as "he started to walk away" or "he started to smile" when, in actuality, the character is walking and is smiling and I should just say that.

I don't know that I'll finish by the end of this month, but I realized I don't have to.

I gave myself such a tight deadline because I'm slowly getting tired of this project and want to do something else and I'm afraid if I don't get done with it very soon, I'll just throw my hands up and surrender.

But there really are instances when it's best to take your time. If I can work my way up to jogging three miles in the morning, in both excoriating heat and excruciating cold, I can do this. It just involves parking my butt in a chair and typing. A lot.
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