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I thought about posting this for Technopeasant Day, but figured that I can't really be counted as a professional or anything, so I didn't.

So, here, have some poetry.

"after your guests are gone"
by: Meg Freeman

after your guests are gone
the house breathes again
the swelling between
your years goes down
they ring like
the aftertaste of a siren
watery-bitter, sharp, cloying
and you lay back on the
couch. you expand back
into your own space,
but you are still, you are hesitant.
somewhere, a joint is stiff
you have forgotten how to propel
yourself autonomously.
The map is gone, you have lost the road;
you were doing something and
now your senses are as misplaced
as urgently needed car keys.

The cat emerges from
it's hiding place under the sofa. You
smile, it demands food and
does not consider your feelings important. You rise
from the couch, you smile.
Things need doing. You will recover.
You will recolonize.

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