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Project: UF!2Girls 3.0 (Still no viable title yet)

Wordcount: 27,797

Goal: 100,000 (approx.)

Deadline: July 31st

Reason For Stopping: Just reporting in. I'll get back to work right after I post this.

Exercise: None today.

Stimulants/Chemicals: None so far.

Musical Inspiration: Apply Some Pressure - Maximo Park; Killing for Love - Jose Gonzalez; Monster - The Automatic Automatic; The Way You Are - 46Bliss; The Round Dance of the Princesses - Stravinsky/Orchestra of the Kirov Opera; Dying Californian - Moira Smiley & Voco

Other Creative Activities: Nothing much

Reading Materials: Walls of the Universe - Paul Melko.

Darling du Jour: "The future is only for Heaven and the dead to know. I can tell you that you are important, and you must do well. Know that your enemies will wear many masks. Some will look like your friends. And some friends will look like enemies. I have learned this, above all else. You must always be in command. Even if it is only of yourself."

Mean Things: Trauma, vague unhelpful prophecies, attempted infanticide, attempted murder of a pregnant woman, being deprived of the ability to see or speak, rat-napping, impersonating the police, giving fake statements to fake police, being taunted about physical disfigurement, near-death experiences, being bitten by a rat

Things Learned/Discovered: Shifting POV is okay as long as you properly signal. Much like changing lanes or turning while driving. Put the blinker on, check your mirrors, and you're good to go.

*I promise I'm not turning into one of those people who post pretentiously obscure lyrics as inexplicable entry titles. It just seemed appropriate.
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