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I'm back from Florida, yay! I read all my books on the airplane and did a few pages of writing on Soul Machines (the novel formerly known as UF!2girls), so I feel it was a productive trip. I've got a bunch of reviews to write up.

Plus, I got to meet [ profile] fashionista_35 face to face, and yes. She is even more fabulous than she seems online, if that's possible. It was really nice to be able to talk shop with a fellow writer, and going into Barnes and Noble with her was a hoot! There is just nothing like scoping out the cover art and mocking the bad while oohing and jealousing over the good for entertainment.

I really need to get some writer friends here in NYC. I know I have a few people on my f-list who are writers or SF/F fen here in the Big Apple, but I've never met any. That's sad. I need to rectify this pronto.

I got two rejections and one that timed out from April that I was still sanguine about but have now abandoned. Both rejections were really polite form letters. This brings the Query Score Card up to:

Rejections: 5

Requests: 0

Timed Out: 1

Still Pending: 11

So, you've been duly updated on things as they stand. Because I'm sure you were all just holding your breath to know all that.

I'm still catching up on the f-list, but if anything really exciting, important, or otherwise noteworthy happened, please drop me a comment so I can know about it. Or just tell me how the state of you is going. What are you working on? How's your day/week/month/year been going?
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