Jul. 10th, 2009

megwrites: Reading girl by Renoir.  (sex goddess)
The most wrong cover I have seen all year.. How does she even fit in her suit with boobs like that. And I think the left one is bigger than the right. And that seatbelt is not even remotely helpful. That wouldn't save you in a crash at all, and would probably leave a lot of men unable to produce children if they got in the slightest fender bender. But hey, anything to draw attention to your crotch, right?

I try to imagine what life on that world is like.

"Gah! Our population is shrinking! Nobody can produce children, it's an epidemic!"

"Uh, have you tried not restraining people in vehicles by their genitals?"

"But...but...the crotch restraint is central to our designs!"

"On the other hand, maybe this is a blessing in disguise."

2. There are no good, powerful queens in fantasy. Mary Robinette Kowal examined several movies for a disturbing trend in queens that are either very good, but essentially powerless or very powerful but essentially evil. She only looks at a few movies, but I think she does have a valid point, though I think novels and other media are doing a better job. One thing that frustrated me about Stardust was that no woman in that movie with any kind of power was remotely good. All the witches who had any kind of agency were completely wicked and all the good women were slaves and captives who's lives were basically about serving men. Even Yvaine, who's a freaking CELESTIAL POWER gets downgraded to glowy love interest who does nothing but help Tristan and then gets downgraded to being a queen who sits there and does nothing until Tristan dies, at which point she assures his immortality by taking him to the stars. Because god forbid she should go on without him. God forbid she should have any other power besides radiating at Tristan (and shouldn't that have given him cancer or something with all the radiation?).

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