May. 28th, 2010

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1. I am going to be moving to Dreamwidth soon. I'll answer comments here and crosspost, because I don't expect everyone to magically move to a whole other site, but I'll make the announcement when I get the !@#$%ing layout to work over there.

2. I'm so far behind on book reviews. But after vacation, a massive ear infection, finishing a novel, starting two more, and getting a new job, I just have fallen so far behind. Expect some review spam coming in the next few days.

3. Speaking of reviews, does anyone know any really good sites that do trustworthy reviews of SF/F books? Or sites that at least list what new SF/F releases are coming out each month? I'm looking for somewhere good that will give me the heads up on what awesome new stuff might be coming out. I feel like so many titles I'd be really interested in reading come out and I miss them because I don't stop by brick-and-mortar stores but maybe once every quarter (otherwise I will spend my entire life savings on books and we just don't have that kind of room in this apartment).

4. I have this whole big post about that little fanfiction kurfluffle that went around about a month and a half ago. Until then, at least go read [ profile] jimhines giving us the facts about Marion Zimmer Bradley vs. Fanfiction. From what I've read, it seems to me that very, very smart, savvy authors fully support fanfiction of their works and give their fans their complete blessing to fanfic at will, but at no point actually get involved in fanworks based on my original works. Not because I disapprove, but because

Maybe it's just me, but I have this thing where I think it's extremely BAD form for an author to get involved in any kind of response to their work, whether be a review, a criticism, or a fan work. It just seems...officious, overbearing, controlling, and generally unwise.

I think literature needs to be a two line conversation. The author creates the work, the audience reacts, end of conversation. I think for the author to reply to the audience's reaction, whether that's a review, a comment, or a transformative work is to cross a boundary that shouldn't be crossed. Because when the author steps down to meddle in the affairs of readers, they come from a position of control and power. They created that work, they control the "official" version of it. And involving themselves in the reactions of the audience will change the reactions to the work based on something besides the work itself. And then it becomes about the author, not the work, and I personally find that a bit sketchy.

5. As Monty Python once said, "Five is right out."
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I told myself I shouldn't/wouldn't post this, because I'm not looking to draw down wank or unproductive, spiraling conversations that amount to nothing and only make people tired and repeat the same old crap.

But then I thought, "No, I need to post this. If only for myself."

I am here to address a comment by a person I have no intention of engaging with, and that's not the norm for me. I like to try to give people a chance to respond because I do believe in the power of respectful dialogues, but in this case, I really don't see how any kind of respectful response is possible.

I do know that in this case, I'm not going to change this person's mind, I'm not going to persuade them of anything, and frankly, I'm not interested in trying.

I am interested in examining the comment (not the commenter, let's be clear on that) that was made because this person is not the sole holder of such beliefs, and it's something I want to address because it's something that I think holds back progress.

The comment in question is from Will Shetterly and can be found in the comments of this entry. ETA: The owner of the LJ in which this conversation took place has removed the comments. I unfortunately do not have screen caps.

This is the comment (in it's entirety)

Keep it simple: I'm the racefail asshole here. That I've been marching against racism since childhood in the '60s (when people got killed for it) to the recent march in Tucson against the latest stupid racist Arizona immigration law is irrelevant.

Out of curiosity, were you at that march? I didn't see you. But I'm sure your antiracist creds on the web are impeccable.

The things I object to in that comment and the ways they reinforce various privileges beneath the cut )

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