Jan. 25th, 2011

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I've had to turn off anonymous commenting on the LJ mirror of this journal ([livejournal.com profile] fiction_theory) because of an inundation of anonymous porn spam that's getting to be too much to handle. And LJ isn't being helpful about it, and there's no real way to block anonymous spam, since LJ doesn't have IP banning to my knowledge.

I don't like doing this, because I don't like making someone join up with a site or figure out OpenID to leave a comment, especially since that might not be feasible in a lot of situations, for a lot of reasons. But I kind of have to make an executive decision here and not having my inbox flooded with links like [WARNING: V. TRIGGERY FOR MENTION OF SEXUAL ASSAULT AND PEJORATIVE TERMS. HIGHLIGHT TO SEE] "see mom rape son porn!" and "tranny sluts get gangbanged". Kinda not what I need in my inbox or my headspace, thanks.

So, alas, that account is closed to anonymous comments, but they are open at my dreamwidth journal ([personal profile] megwrites) so if you need to comment anonymously, you can do it there.

And I'll be adding the little footer note so that people can easily find where the original DW entry is. I should've done that a while back. Lazy me.

ETA: I've fixed the HTML (I believe) so that the triggery words are whited out in everyone's browsers, since I was helpfully notified that my codefail made it actually HIGHLIGHT in some people's windows. Eeep! Not what I wanted! Sorry to anyone who has been triggered, I will make sure that the text remains grayed out.

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