Apr. 25th, 2012

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Tomorrow is my birthday and as a slightly early birthday present to myself, I am proud to announce:

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I am now putting my fantasy novel, The City of the Hand online in it's entirety. It's somewhere shy of 100,000 words. This novel is the story of Maira who's just going about her business as a courier when she stops a murder (but not in time) and gets burdened with delivering something very dangerous on behalf of a dead man. Except that it seems, suddenly, some of the most powerful people in the city aren't so must interested in that as they are her.

So in addition to the world's longest and worst delivery job - there's a snarky, dashing, handsome sorcerer, two agents of the secret police who are way too awesome for their jobs, all kinds of people with all kinds of wings, a Tract Lord who once made it rain bodies from the sky, dramatic chases and diabolical priestesses, mysterious messages, the most delicious food that nobody ever ate, never ending carnivals, and a deadly, all-consuming, evil forest where the trees eat people.

The first three chapters are posted there along with acknowledgments and a table of contents. The novel is 30 chapters long, so I'll be posting three chapters a week -- god willing and the creek don't rise. At the end of posting, I'll have the entire thing in one neat ebook format so that people can put it on their e-readers if they like!

I've been debating doing this for a long time, and decided to do it after seeing a few other folks doing the same and because honestly, what I want for this novel is for people to read it and (hopefully) love the story.

Yes, there is a donation button because I really could use a few extra bucks for food, medical costs and various things. But don't think of this as a charity project. This is all about putting something out there because I want it out there. And if you want to throw a buck or two in the tip jar because you liked it, that's awesome.

I also welcome comments, critiques, and people linking and signal boosting. Oh, and let me know if anything is buggy with the layout of the site.

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