May. 2nd, 2012

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Love Meme! over at [personal profile] ephemere's place. Lots of very, very deserving folks and you can nominate yourself if you need some love.

Don't be ashamed to go over there and say if you need some kind words and compliments. We all do. It's human nature and there's nothing wrong or petty about it. Or if you want some love here in this space.

A lot of you have been so very kind, generous, and loving towards me as I've gone through tough times and tried new things. So I definitely won't mind returning the favor. Sometimes, I think one of the biggest favors we can do ourselves as people is to admit when that need love of some type or another and ask for it when we can, without shame if possible.

Also, internet hugs for anyone who wants 'em.

*Title taken from the lyrics of "Tanglewood Tree" by The Strangelings.

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