May. 7th, 2012

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The next three chapters of City of the Hand are up and available for your reading pleasure at both DW and the LJ mirror. So, have at:

[personal profile] cityofthehand / [ profile] cityofthehand.

Question for anyone still reading (bless your souls): Would having a wordpress or tumblr mirror be at all helpful or is everyone pretty much able to access LJ and DW satisfactorily enough? If so, I can set something up. If not, I'll keep cross posting between these two sites.

And as always: linking, recommending if you liked it is appreciated and comes with my love and gratitude. So, feel free to tell anyone and everyone about it. Donations in the tip jar get you the entire ebook file free ahead of time and anything over $25 gets you your own poem, short story, or non-fiction essay on topic of your choice!

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