Jun. 21st, 2012

megwrites: Shakespeared! Don't be afraid to talk Elizabethan, or Kimberlian, or Meredithian! (shakespeared!)
Behold, my writing woes are over! Why didn't I think of it. Can't write? Just get a cat! It worked for me, see?

[Image: A close up of two fuzzy orange paws belonging my cat on top of a white Mac laptop on a very messy desk.]

[Image: A picture taken from above of a very fuzzy orange cat sitting on top of my white laptop atop my messy desk.]

That's my cat, known as Orange Cat (or Hawkeye). He provides a lot of useful services around here. Sunlight absorption, ankle attack readiness consultation, encrypted cat butt code-writing, and late night shelf-clearing.

[Image: A short haired blonde/yellow dog laying down in front of a black bookcase full of books.]

And I think Girlie!Dog wants to be a librarian. She has great taste in literature (literally. She's eaten a lot of my best books!). Given that she's named after a book (Coraline), that makes sense. She likes to sneak them off the shelf when I'm not looking, which is ironic when she silently makes off with a copy of The Art of the Steal.

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