Oct. 6th, 2012

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Day 6: Write a poem of any length incorporating every word from your latest FB status update in any order.

Memory is just this:
something weirdly true, true in how the smallest moments
become jewels lodged in your mind
about how they sparkle with colors like
peppy childhood-sun yellow, bewildering burial day sky blue
and they think back old music, crystalline and stretched out as taffy
like Johnny Cash's "The Devil's Right Hand" looping over
and over, and whether the moment is serious, not funny, even though
it may be an obsidian moment, it's rather true
that it is life's way, and even then there is pleasure, it's fun to listen
and replay those tapes, to listen and remember a dog hanging
out the back window when the windows are down in the car,
ears are flapping, tongue is hanging out the side of a toothy mouth
happy as a pig in poop flavored poop, down a dusty gravel road
on a too hot Tuesday in a car with no air conditioning
That is a jewel, too. That is the brain's treasure.

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Are the tipjar paypal buttons annoying or causing anyone trouble with their reading or their f-list reading? Because if it is, I'll take the buttons off. If not, I'll leave them because I could REALLY use some money in the tipjar right now and I want people to very easily be able to find where to do that if they feel so inclined.

So, thoughts, anyone?

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