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1. Schoolbook by [personal profile] ephemere is razored, sharp, searing, and true.

2. Conservation of Shadows by Yoon Ha Lee. Everything I've come to expect from this writer who is always lyrical, definitely surprising, never fails to be heartbreaking, and captivates me fully. This story is SO EXCELLENT.

3. I don't post advice from agent/slush reader types on writing much anymore because I think as a writer you can read too much of such things. It can convince you that writing is only good if it is saleable (false) and that good writing and good marketing potential are the same thing (also false).

Not to mention that I believe any writing advice is limited in its helpfulness because writing is such an individual thing, and that goes double for advice coming from people who are not speaking as writers to begin with.

That said, sometimes that advice is helpful, even if you're not looking to sell a single word of what you come up with.

So, this bit of advice about "why should I care" is really great.

Bonus points for advice that focuses on the constructively critiquing the writing rather than berating writers or calling them "psycho" or "insane" or "crazy" if they did get something wrong.

4. The Jacksonville Library is still sending me emails. I don't have the heart to try to unsubscribe and tell them that they were TWO CITIES ago, because frankly, Jacksonville had one of the better library systems I've seen. I'm hoping that one of two of the Charlotte branches will live up to the high standard they set.

I try not to be too much of a library snob, because I know that a lot of the problem is money and it's way, way beyond the control of the people who run these places. But still.

When the main branch of your city's library has a smaller SF/F section than you do at home? Something has gone awry. Terribly, terribly awry. And that something is called cutbacks.

5. NK Jemisin is looking for post-colonial SF/F And I am eagerly watching comments to see what recommendations are getting handed out, because that's something I, as well, am always on the look out for to add either to the "buy when as soon as possible" or "to be read" list depending on how easily I can get my hands on it.

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