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For those reading on the livejournal mirror of this blog, comments have been restricted to friends only because I'm getting inundated with spam for the moment and LJ doesn't seem to be doing much about it. For the moment I don't have time to keep deleting and reporting each of the many spam comments that comes in.

So, if you need to make a comment on something and you can't, drop me a message and I'll add you so you can comment. I always like having new friends anyway!
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1. Livejournal's DDOS and Russian politics. I found this over all a very good explanation of how LJ for U.S.ians and LJ for Russians are almost two different sites entirely. Although I disagree that it's legitimate for the English-language userbase to be upset when, *gasp*, development isn't solely geared towards them. Especially given that, in the case of Russian language bloggers, there's a much wider context for their use (in general, not saying that no other bloggers of other languages engage in political blogging).

2. Because female-identifying Doms don't exist and The Flame and the Flower is to be taken as a reliable source of scientifically valid information on the sexual wants and needs of all women - there's this piece of epic fail. Oh, the cissexism, the misogyny, heterosexism, the bad science.

3. Oh, Stephen Colbert. I don't know what I love more in this clip. That you break character by laughing or that you so beautifully take down people who think that here in the U.S. women can just drop by Walgreens for a pap smear or a breast exam: the video is here. I don't know what I love more. The fact that adding "not intended to be a statement of fact" can get you out of anything or the fact that Colbert can't even keep HIMSELF from laughing at this.

4. jaded16india, who is ever full of awesome, win, and truth, posted Writing Over Bodies. Read. Every. Single. Word.

5. Poem because it's still Poetry Month! This is my all time favorite poem from e.e. cummings:

"touching you i say (it being Spring"
by: ee cumings

    touching you i say(it being Spring
    and night)"let us go a very little beyond
    the last road--there's something to be found"

    and smiling you answer "everything
    turns into something else,and slips away....
    (these leaves are Thingish, with moondrool
    and i'm ever so very little afraid")
           i say
"along this particular road the moon if you'll
notice follows us like a big yellow dog. You

don't believe?     look back.(Along the sand
behind us,a big yellow dog that' it's red
a big red dog that may be owned by who
    only turn a little your. so. And

there's the moon,there is something faithful and mad

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