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[ profile] handyhunter has a must-read Special Guest post on Cultural Appropriation over at Dear Author.

If you need a sample of how true the post is:

It is not diversity to have white people running around in foreign lands without much thought to the people who are native to those lands. I can’t say I find it romantic when they’re in the middle of colonizing another country either; I’m not sure how I’m supposed to root for our heroes when they’re killing or enslaving other people, or condoning/profiting from it

I recommend that you get over there and read it (several times, even) immediately. Bookmark it for later reference. Everything she says is right and true and I couldn't agree more.

Et tu, Amy Poehler? What's so funny about desiring a big, black woman? written by What Tami Said over at Racialicious.

Poehler is about some sort of “girl power.” She launched the “Smart Girls at the Party” Web series to “help girls find confidence in their own aspirations and talents.” Perhaps this kind of empowerment is only for some girls–ones of the right color and size–because I can’t imagine how seeing themselves portrayed as undesireable might empower young, black girls or girls who are overweight. Always being the butt of the joke rarely inspires confidence.

brief comment on the Et tu, Amy Poehler article. Go read the article, it is better and more important than my comments! )

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