Nov. 29th, 2009

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I really need to try to insert more positivity on this blog, because I feel like I'm really just either whining about how writing is haaaaaaard (because being, say, homeless or working twelve hours a day digging ditches is just a breeze) or complaining about things.

That day, however, is not today. So if you're in a squeetastical mood, you may not want to read what I have to say.

1. Squee Kill #1 - NaNoWriMo Not So Grate Askhully (For Me).

Why I Failed NaNoWriMo. )

2. Squee Kill #2 - Thanksgiving, even less grate askhully (culturally).

In which I kill your squee and your turkey leftovers. )
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Since I'm (foolishly) secretly working on a Vampire Novel of Doom, I had to post this poll. Because I need to know the trufax about vampires.

[Poll #1492062]

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