Apr. 8th, 2012

megwrites: Reading girl by Renoir.  (green hills)
1. Thank you to everyone who sent condolences, symapathies, well wishes, thoughts and prayers to me and my family. It did more good than I can express right now. I will go back through and thank people in comments, but I wanted to say it now that I'm home and (somewhat) recovered from the ordeal of travel.

2. Day #4's poem from way back on Wednesday.

"Thank you note"
by: Meg Freeman

Thank you for the
balms your garden
grow. - the forbidden
and the simply unnamed -
for your encyclopedic
familiarity with pain
when reference is needed
Thank you for putting to be
a drunk broken thing
and requiring nothing
Thank you for the
creaking floors and the futon
and the wet irises and the
smoke on the front porch
and the colors
and the wild dancing
and the burning smoky laughs
for knowing, for accepting
for the black cat with
green eyes that slept at
the end of dirty feet
like a scrawny guardian
and then having a glass of milk
and a soft blanket
waiting for the hung over
thing that slurped out of bed
the next morning

Thank you for letting broken
be broken and never once trying
grind down edges but rather
meeting jagged side to jagged side
and interlocking where possible.

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