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Now that I've had all the eggnog and turkey I will want for another 365 days, I can't express how much I'd really love to find a really good vampire novel to read, especially since I'm about to hop a flight.

Except, I don't know where to find said vampire novel. I'd like it, if at all possible, to be something that I can actually take a bit seriously or at least something sparkle-free.

I'd love to read about a vampire that's a fascinating character without just being the boytoy. I'd love to read about a heroine who has never seen a pair of high heels or leather pants in her life. (Maybe she could be a heroine of color? Or who's not 25? Or who isn't supermodel pretty?)

More than that, I'd kind of like a vampire novel not written in first person from the POV of the de rigeur, snarky, leather clad, "I angst about my dating life while running for my actual life" type heroine.

Alas, having read and/or skimmed quite a few of the offerings on most mainstream shelves, I don't think this novel exists.

Date: 2009-01-02 05:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Looks interesting. I shall add it to my List of Things to Buy From Amazon When I Get Around To It (a big list, I might add).

Just a question, what did you particularly like about the book?

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